West Valley Caregivers

All new patients and referrals receive a complimentary gram of their choice with any donation. $100 1/2 OZ. 707 O.G. Tahoe O.G. Cali Orange Ogre OG Purple Urkle Green Crack Blue Widow $125 1/2 $240oz Big Bud Hashplant

Welcome to West Valley Caregivers!
our daily hours 10am-8pm
Accepting New Patients!
Please look for our daily specials
We carry top quality Flower,Waxes and Shatters.
Fresh Baked Edibles
Big Selection on Vapes

Check out our wide variety!
ATM Available

*Compassion Program*
Military Service 10% off
Disabled 10% off
SSI 10% off

Ventura Boulevard 23067
Los Angeles 91364 CA US
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