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Ultra Collective SD. Specializing in Ultra Exotic Medical Cannabis, Lab Tested Concentrates, Edibles, Various Non-Psychoactive CBD Products, Various THC Infused Products, Topicals, Oils, Vape Cartridges, and Much More! We Strive to Provide Our Patients with Safe and Confidential Access to The Absolute Best Medical Cannabis in California. We Always Carry Several High Times Cannabis Cup Winning Strains, Ultra Exotic Strains that are Extremely Rare and cannot be found Anywhere Else in SD, as well as Several High Times Cannabis Cup Winning Concentrates from The Biggest Names in The Industry such as WEST COAST CURE, DR GREEN THUMB EXTRACTS, PRIME EXTRACTIONS, MOXIE 710 SEEDS and EXTRACTS, HGH EXTRACTIONS, MISS NUG RUN, APEX EXTRACTS, DOBIS FAMILY NATURAL DABS, PISSING EXCELLENCE EXTRACTS, TERP KING PASSIONATE HASH OIL, NUWAVE EXTRACTS, SWEET BEE EXTRACTS, LALLIPOP EXTRACTS, and Many More Lab Tested Concentrates!

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