Green Tree VIP

FIRST TIME PATIENTS - FREE TOP SHELF pre roll if out 5$ off order

We are a closed loop VIP collective members only. we operate under sb420 prop 215 safe access and compassionate use act. by becoming a member you are stating that yo do not work for or with any law enforcement agencies and that any information from the club is for club use only. you can and will be held personally responsible for any other use of this medical information.

CALL FOR VERIFICATION/MEMBERSHIP. we are very discrete small location with a 1on1 experience. no rush no one behind you listening to your business or illness. you have the ability to truly find the best meds for you. there is another bonus we focus on top quality organic product that has been flushed for a minimum of 7 days for maximum flavor.
we will not tolerate any rude or unlawful behavior. there will be no loitering drugs or drinking on premises.

all we ask is… we provide a one of a kind true collective experience with compassion and quality as well as respect so please show us the same.

. if you violate any of the code of conduct you will be terminated permanently with no warning.

Lake Elsinore CA US
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