Sherman Oaks Collective Care PRE-ICO

️ EASY FREE PARKING IN REAR  ATM INSIDE!  Amazing Gifts for First-Time Patients * Free joint (with donation) * Free glass pipe or OCB organic Hamp rolling papers * Free grinder

❤️ Sherman Oaks Collective Care is medical marijuana dispensary that provides the highest quality medicine at affordable donations.
 Sherman Oaks Collective Care has been serving local community, in the same location, since opening its doors in pre-ICO days in 2006.

 Sherman Oaks Collective Care offers a large selection of medical marijuana, cannabis-infused edibles, THC and CBD concentrates and marijuana-related products to legally registered medical marijuana patients.

We honor senior citizens, veterans and military patients with special discounts.

Ventura Boulevard 14200
Los Angeles 91423 CA US
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