New Era

If you purchase an eighth, we make it 5 grams for your first time. Other first timers will be offered a gift bag with a couple smoking accessories

New Era Caregivers is one of the friendliest medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. With a very open atmosphere, you can come in, purchase and taste your new meds in our smoking lounge all in the same trip. We consistently have more than 20 strains. We only carry medication we trust for our patients, so all meds have been tested and approved by the shop. New Era also offers a variety of concentrates and edibles for your preference of medicating. Take the metro right to the Pico stop and you are here, too convenient to pass up. We try to update the Menu weekly and have some in shop specials not on weed maps so be sure to swing by.

South Flower Street 1238
Los Angeles 90015 CA US
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